Quay School of Theatre Dance  September House, Norton Road, Tostock, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 9PY


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Thank you for bringing the joy of dance into our girl's lives and for inspiring them to follow their dreams.  Maddie and Daisy have thoroughly enjoyed their time at Quay Dance and you should be so proud of your amazing teachers who have cared for and supported them the whole way.  Thank you so much.

K Beckett, July 2022

Thank you so much for teaching me for the 14 years that I have been dancing.  Since the start, dance has been the thing I have looked forwrd to every week and so now it feels like I am leaving behind a huge part of my life.

T Willcox, July 2022

Thank you so much for the opportunity to take part in the show.  I have been so happy and it feels so special to be back on stage with my dancing friends.  I am always so proud to be a Quay Dance pupil.

J Vernon, July 2022

You and your dance teachers have been a huge part of our lives for so many years and I am forever grateful for the kindness, patience, support and encouragement you have shown towards both of our daughters.  You have helped Rosey with her confidence and ability to be a team player, and you turned Maddie from a little girl wanting to learn Ballet at the age of three into an expressive, talented dancer.

S Combes, July 2020

Thank you for all the hard work you do and the care and nurture you give to our girls.  You are a true inspiration to them.

K Beckett, July 2019

My love of performing will always be down to Quay Dance and that’s something which will never leave me.  For fifteen years you and your school have been a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Through exams, stress and difficult times, dance has been my escape and happy place.

G Luppi, July 2019

Sophia has had an amazing first show and has loved every minute. I also want to say a huge thank you for inviting her so warmly into your school. She looks forward to Saturdays and Ballet with Miss Stephanie so much. I think what sets your school apart is how much warmth there is and how much of a dance family you are.

E Fox July 2019

Firstly I need to thank you for another terrific show this summer!  Jessica absolutely loved it and I have to say, the children across all age groups were so kind to each other backstage – a fine example of the whole ethos of your dance school and how you and Miss Stephanie run it.

T Vernon, July 2019

Can I just take this opportunity to say thank you for all your hard work. My girls go to many clubs and Ballet has been the best organised, most enjoyed, longest attended and we’ve never experienced any problems…..brilliant.  Thanks again for the fantastic exam results.

C Weeks February 2016

I began my training with Miss Marie and Miss Stephanie at 15 years old, when I was new to dance.  Their training provided me with a solid foundation in dance technique and I was nurtured and encouraged towards a career in the performing arts.  It is down to their charisma, positive teaching style and generosity with time that I won a full scholarship to train at Laine Theatre Arts, Epsom.  I have won the first year prize for outstanding performance at Laine and I feel I owe the successes I have had to the core values of respect, grooming, self-discipline and hard work that I gained whilst at the Quay School of Dance.

T Ping January 2016

We have watched our daughter grow so much in confidence, thanks to her dance classes.  From a shy girl who wouldn’t even do the end of term show and share lesson for the parents to dancing in this year’s show is amazing to see.  She has gained more than just some fantastic dance moves from you ladies and I cannot thank you enough.  She has enjoyed every minute of the show and loves dance more than ever before.

S Craig July 2015

Fantastic show as always…all of the dancers were amazing and very talented.  Congratulations to the Quay School of Dance, and thank you for making it possible.

K Murton July 2015

A hugely professional show, as always, with such a high standard of dancing.  Thank you for all that you do for our young dancers.

S Combes July 2015

I cannot thank you enough for the unconditional support you have shown me for the past eleven years.  You have shaped me into a better dancer, teacher and person, and without you I would not be about to start a three year degree in a subject you have taught me to love so passionately.

F Northcott July 2015

Thank you for giving Maddie and Daisy so much enjoyment.  They love every minute of their dance lessons.

K Beckett July 2015

My three year old daughter absolutely loves her baby ballet lessons with Miss Rachael and is literally skipping down the corridor to join the class. Miss Rachael manages to engage with the children in such a magical way that my daughter appears not to realise that she's being taught dance moves in this class, viewing it as an exiting half hour of her time that she looks forward to rather than a "lesson".

K Sambrook March 2014

I was so impressed by the talent amongst your students and also with the professionalism of you and your team. Your hard work and creative vision was simply spectacular. I feel so lucky that my daughter can be part of you dance school. I know that she so enjoyed her first experience of performing, whist in the safe hands of the Quay School of Dance.

T Vernon, August 2013

It’s been 17 years since I started tap with the Quay School and I have to say I always look forward to the classes and unless it's a holiday I wouldn't miss my Friday 'me time' for anything!

J Mortlock, Adult Tap, August 2013

The show was fantastic and you can just see how much the children love it! All credit goes to you and your team for organising such an inspirational event.

K Hill, August 2013

This was Ellen's 6th show and they just get bigger and better. She loves it still and I can't believe she'll only have a possible one more before she goes to university. You work so hard on them and deserve every praise.

J Osborn, August 2013

Thank you for everything – you have made this the most wonderful experience. Charlie has been inspired to continue her dancing in Boston, USA when we move.

S Sheldrake, August 2013

Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to you and your team. The show was spectacular. The buzz all the kids had was amazing. It was so inspirational for the younger ones to see what they can achieve if they keep at it and try hard.

C Armitage, August 2013

Thank you so much for all you have done for me this year and every year. Thank you for teaching me all of the things that helped me to get accepted into the Dance East Aacdemy.

G Earrnshaw, August 2013

Huge congratulations to you and your team on the wonderful show "A Circus Mystery"...it was an amazing spectacular of the many aspects of dance. All the children seemed to be having a wonderful time as well as performing so brilliantly, which was fantastic to see.

Katy was full of enthusiasm and excitement all weekend.....and she is in complete awe of the "big girls". As a parent I am more than happy for the beautiful disciplined young ladies I saw performing to be an influence on my daughter.

M Branch, August 2013

I was invited by my neighbour to come to watch your show & I just want to tell you that I was “blown away” by the whole event. It was a truly fantastic performance with the lovely music, wonderful costumes &, above all, the performers - all of whom looked to be thoroughly enjoying the experience!

I can appreciate the tremendous amount of organisation involved in putting on such a professional production.

K Mason, July 2013

Thank you so much for the past twelve years – I have had the best time at your school!

F Lingard, July 2013

Congratulations on a fantastic and very polished show. I can very well imagine the hours of hard work, time and stress you have put in, and it certainly paid off.

The girls all love joining in and taking part and it gave every one of them the chance to 'showcase' the great progress they have made in your classes. We all felt very proud, (of you too xx).

Thank you again for all you do for Alicia, we are so pleased she comes to your class.

A Backhouse, July 2013

Just wanted to say how wonderful the dance show was. You never cease to amaze me with your calmness and professionalism, and your teachers did you proud with their choreography.

A Duke, July 2013

Thank you so much for the past fourteen years of dance at the Quay School. I have had such an amazing time and have so many memories.

E Morris, July 2013

Thank you for a lifetime of dance. I will treasure the memories for the past fourteen years. I will miss Quay Dance so much.

S Morgan, July 2013

Thank you for all your kindness and patience.

T Campbell, Adult Tapper, July 2013