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Ballet is great for perpetuating style, grace, good posture and strength.  It is also very good for teaching self-discipline and pride in appearance.

For a young child Ballet is a very good first choice as it will help their concentration and posture.  Children often find other forms of dance easier to master once they have grasped the basic Ballet technique.  As children mature Ballet helps to develop muscular strength and also to maintain good posture.

The Imperial Ballet syllabus is designed to progressively develop a child’s technical ability and understanding, giving him/her a sense of dance, poise and an awareness of its relation to music. Children and students are encouraged to acquire a sound basic technique combined with an understanding of co-ordination and musical interpretation which are the essentials of a classical training.

Pointe work is also taught at The Quay School of Dance once it is felt that a pupil has become technically proficient on demi-pointe, and has developed enough muscle strength and bone development to sustain this technically demanding art.